Environmental Policy

Our Environmental Policy And Sustainability

We do not have a carbon footprint!

Of course, we all create a carbon footprint. The important thing is to achieve an ecological benefit that is stronger than the carbon footprint we create. This is exactly what we do as Vialli.
You can read below about our stance and efforts to minimize environmental destruction and support natural regeneration.
1.We have built our factories and storage facilities from steel construction modular structures that are environmentally friendly and recuperable by nature, without using concrete in their superstructures.


2. We reduced our use of fossil fuel-generated electricity by 50% in 2022 with solar panels placed on the roof of our factory. In 2023, by further increasing the number of these panels, we have reduced our use of fossil fuel-generated electrical energy by 90%. Thus, we reduced the harmful emissions and greenhouse gas emissions of fossil fuels that affect air, water, and soil quality.

3. Between 2020 and 2022, we converted half of our companys existing automobile pool to electric vehicles.

4. We have ensured that our carrier vehicles, such as forklifts, etc., in our factory are entirely powered by electricity.

5. As Vialli, we preferred to be an environmentally friendly brand by not producing battery-powered, electric, or electronic products and instead focusing entirely on manual products.

6. In the Aegean region, we purchased a particularly idle (non-used) land, made improvements on this land and created an olive orchard of 250 trees.

7. Our production process is completely dry process, so we do not consume any water resources (groundwater, etc.). Thus, we avoid pollution of our air, water, soil, rivers, and seas.

8. We choose and use fully recyclable materials for the boxes and parcels used in the packaging of our products.

9. Our plastic raw materials used in production are 100% recycled in our own recycling department and used in our own products.

10. In our 7000 m² closed-area factory and 2000 m² closed-area warehouse, we separate all our wastes (domestic and industrial) at the source and send them to the necessary recycling centers.

11. We reflected our environmentalist perspective in the design of our factory by using natural stones and plenty of greenery in the garden of our factory.


Environmental Policy

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